NOG Vacature PhD position Reinforcement Learning and Implicit Prejudice Change

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PhD position Reinforcement Learning and Implicit Prejudice Change
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Project and job description

You will examine the psychological and neural processes through which implicit prejudices may change. Specifically, this project tests a memory systems model of how existing prejudices toward racial minorities may change, in series of behavioural experiments that combine social psychological tasks with computational modelling approaches.

You will conduct your research under the supervision of Dr David Amodio at the University of Amsterdam and engage with his research group as part of Dr Amodio’s NWO-funded VICI project How do prejudices become implicit? A social cognitive neuroscience account. You will join a vibrant and supportive research group in the Department of Social Psychology at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), with opportunities to interact with other programs and organizations at the UvA (e.g., the Amsterdam Brain & Cognition Centre). You will spend at least one year in Dr Amodio’s New York University lab, in New York City, where you will conduct further research and may participate in seminars, talks, and other activities in the NYU program.

This position includes allowances for research expenses, including computer and recording materials, participant costs, experimental materials, and travel and subsistence costs towards project-specific travel, including conferences. The positions also offer an opportunity to gain experience with teaching, subject to availability and qualifications.


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